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Climb faster than Batman, look a bit dorky

Nathan Ball, on a rope with his ascender device. Do not wear a tie while doing ropework, unless you don't value your neck. Probably © Atlas Devices.
Something to put on your xmas list: the Atlas Devices battery powered rope ascender, excellent for ascending, Batman-style, up a building or out of a mine of your choice.
Using the Atlas Rope Ascender, a fully loaded soldier can reach the top of a 4-story building in under 4 seconds. Powerful and lightweight, the Rope Ascender weighs only 15 pounds, and can use either its own high-power rechargable batteries, cordless tool batteries, or a power adaptor from a vehicle.

With the larger tool batteries, a soldier can use the device to climb over 600 vertical feet on a single charge. These batteries recharge to 90% capacity in 5 minutes.
Watch the video on YouTube. It's amazingly fast

I want two.

Manufacturer site. Via Make's blog.
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