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Nike Bases

Yours truly, by the only street sign I've ever been tempted to steal. I didn't, of course. © me.
An interesting ten minute video from Weird New Jersey on the Nike missile system. As they discuss in the movie, it's really amazing how few people knew that there were nuclear weapons in their backyard.

I researched and explored the base near the sign to the right (and I'm the only one, as far as I know); it amused me a great deal to see "Nike Base Rd" in the DeLorme atlas. When in operation, the security at the "bases" was amazingly minimal, just one regular chain link fence and the guys with the guns. It makes a good plot for a movie set during the cold war: agents from nefarious foreign government enter the US and steal nukes from Nike bases, then drive them the short distance into the cities they were designed to protect. Will our hero foil the plot in time? I hope not. More interesting for the good guys to lose.

Weird NJ: Nike Missile Bases

Looking through what I've posted so far, my fondness for tunnels and the underground has been showing through, so I'll try to post more about other genres of UE. Send me links to interesting things you think I should cover; ben@mepotelco.net.
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