UE News with Ben (usufructer) wrote,
UE News with Ben

Urban Knooptheorie

The Cathedral, by Siologen.
Geoff Manaugh did another writeup featuring photos from Siologen and Dsankt. It's possibly the first time they've been written about in Dutch, for the lifestyle magazine "Blend". (And I hope someone else finds it amusing that the dutch translation of "lifestyle magazine" is "lifestylemagazine".)

It has a nice selection of photos, with Geoff's pretentious subtitles, and is written from the perspective that draining is, in fact, applied knot theory.
Rumor has it that a university outside Manchester teaches courses in mathematics and knot theory not inside comfortable, well-lit classrooms, but down in the sewers, drains, valves, and storm tunnels built long ago beneath the city.
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