UE News with Ben (usufructer) wrote,
UE News with Ben

Mouser Explains Mouser

Mouser wrote an entry on his blog about how Mouser week got started, and why a gathering of urban explorers is called "Mouser Week" in the first place. It's certainly a more interesting story than why OPEX got called OPEX.

I don't think I organized Mouser Week II, it was fairly early in my career, and I think I was just tagging along. I need to dig up my archives and figure out who has initiated most of the Mouser Weeks; I think I have a majority because I fill the role of "person who is occasionally able to come to the Twin Cities and wants to explore a lot while there".

Going to Perkins after coming out of somewhere dirty still happens sometimes, and we still haven't been turned away, no matter how much we smell.

Also, for the record, Mouser is pronounced mouse-er, not mouz-er. But I've always pronounced it the latter way, and have probably influenced a lot of the newer people. The vast majority of the attendees to Mouser Weeks to date have never met Mouser.
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