UE News with Ben (usufructer) wrote,
UE News with Ben

Mouser Week VIII

One of my photos from VII. mynamisglass, Darlin' Clem, Siologen, Flame, Ben. Temple of the Drowned Cat outfall.
Once again time for the annual or slightly more than annual meet-up of people interested in exploring in the Twin Cities, Mouser Week (this one is VIII). The longest running UE meet in North America, this one will be attended by people from at least five states and two countries.

The opening dinner, to which all are welcome to attend, will be on Saturday the 20th at the Riverside Perkins, 7PMish. Following the dinner we'll be doing an UE awards thing at nine or ten, at a location to be disclosed after the dinner.

901 27th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Perkins is generally acknowledged as teh suck, but it's a tradition. We'll try to break it again next year, we were very close this year.
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