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Post-KD Station article on UE

From the LDB entry on KD Station. Photo by MacGyver.
There's a new article on the front page of the Sioux City Journal on UE, and it's one of the better ones I have seen. The reporter actually took the time to research UE, and talked to explorers, and didn't even include the usual "this is dangerous and illegal" disclaimer from a police spokesman.

As back story, in late December there was a fire at KD Station, a meatpacking plant in Sioux City, Iowa, that had been turned into a fairly odd shopping mall, and then abandoned. The firefighters—quite reasonably—didn't want to risk their lives by fighting a fire in an abandoned building that is to be demolished, so they just knocked some holes in the walls and let it burn out.

There was a trip log to KD Station up on the Hollow Hills website, one I didn't particularly enjoy being distributed to the general public under the guise of urbex because it was more about partying in a location than it was about exploring. It included a photo of "Slim Jim Hollison" passed out on the putt-putt course and covered in marker, and it was one of the highest hits on Google for KD Station before the fire. There were rumors of looking for scapegoats, possibly including explorers, and so we made our best attempt at damage control. Aside from the mention of UER (it can be a ghastly place) and calling explorers "agents" (I try to avoid looking covert, as can be seen by me using my actual name), the article does a good job in explaining what UE is and why explorers don't burn places down.

The debate will rage on as to whether it's a good idea or a bad idea to talk to the press at all, but if all articles ended up like that, I would never have a problem with it.
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