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North American UE con, Buffalo

It looks like there's going to be another OPEX. OPEX, short for Office Products Expo, is the North American UE convention (not international, as the announcement says). The first one, "Office Products Expo 94" was 3-6 June, 2004, organized by Ninjalicious. That this one is in the US finally proves that it actually is a north American thing and not just a Canadian thing; the last three have been in .ca (Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver).

It doesn't have the history of the Clannies, the GTAs, or even Mouser Week, but it does have good attendance and Buffalo should provide some interesting things to do.

OPEX will be happening in Buffalo, NY this year.

For those who are unaware OPEX is the international convention of Urban Exploration. People travel from as far away as Australia to attend this international event. OPEX is about having FUN and meeting other explorers who share your interests. There will be several events at OPEX which will cater to the desires of almost every aspect of Urban Exploration. This is the 4th Official OPEX event.

The dates are from July 25th, to August 1st, 2007.

We will be posting some details on www.uesexy.com (in the forum) in the coming weeks. However if you are interested in coming please message us, or email us (my email is roadwolf@roadwolf.ca). Please RSVP if you are thinking of coming! Specific Locations will not be made public. Please contact us for more details.

Locations: 68
Diversity: Covers all aspects of Urban Exploration, From Draining to High risk active Infiltrations.

- Scavenger Hunt
- Hide and Seek
- Spy Games (in memory of ninj)
- Driving Tour
- Walking Tour
- Sleeping Overnight in a Location
- Camping / outdoor BBQ
- Big Party (final night)
- UEcaching (like GeoCaching)
- Presentations (fixbuffalo, Radio Communications, Exploration Safety, and more!)
- Climbing Challange

There will be facilities to provide free lodging or very cheap hostel lodging ($25 a night)

- We will be able to pick people up and transport them to and from the airport and train station to their lodging locations, the day before, and the final day of the event. We will also provide transportation to and from the events (within reason).

NOPEX (Event in Sudbury Ontario, Canada) will be following directly after OPEX. People who attend OPEX can take another week off and attend NOPEX. It is only a days drive away. We will provide information needed for people interested in crossing the border to Canada.

Send a message to Roadwolf or GeoViolator for more information.

Happy Exploring!
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